Review: Evening Stars by Susan Mallery

20140224-200548.jpg I love this Blackberry Island series! Evening Stars is the newest, and will be released February 25.

Blackberry Island has family issues, local doctors’ practices, small businesses, small-town quirkiness, and romance. Lots of romance! In Evening Stars, Nina gets a chance to think about herself for a change. She learns to stop trying I take care of (control) the people around her, and let go of her worries. One route she takes is having a casual fling with Kyle, a younger man. It is fun but not fulfilling. She also spends time with her ex… Dylan is a great guy but they have more of a friendship than anything else. I liked watching Nina figure out which guy – if any – she really should be with.

Susan Mallery writes characters and dialogue that are so natural I don’t even stop to think that they might not be real. The antique-shop goings-on were fun to read, as were the pediatric waiting room incidents. Nina’s irresponsible little sister offered some comic relief. Dylan and Kyle provided eye candy and nice cars… And great dates. And Nina’s parents illustrate how love might be what makes a family go ’round, but part of that love is responsibility, reliability and stability.

Sometimes I felt like the characters were a bit exaggerated or stereotypical in their behavior, but it’s part of what made the book fun to read.

Susan Mallery and the Blackberry Island series are on my BOLO list. I’ll continue to be on the lookout for more to add to my kindle, because once they’re on there, they don’t last long!


Buy/preorder (Feb 25) Evening Stars

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