There are five of us that help run this blog. Four Muses and our best friend, Pegasus. The muses are Calliope, Melpomene, Thalia, and Urania.

If an author would like us to read and review their work please contact us directly via this blog.

Welcome to Random Book Muses blog!

There are 5 of us wonderful bloggers/book lovers floating around who will be providing the book reviews here. We are voracious readers who are extremely passionate about our love of reading and take it pretty seriously. At any time of day at least half of us are most likely reading a book.

But not only do we love to read books, we love to share our love of reading. Whether a book was wonderful, horrible or just meh, we all enjoy letting others know what we think. All of us write reviews for books so we decided to join forces and create one supersize blog.

Between the 5 of us our interests cover a wide gamut. Among us we read Young Adult, New Adult, Classics, Non Fiction, Chick Lit, and even some Science Fiction and Fantasy. We read in the Mystery, Suspense genre, True Crimes and definitely just straight Literature. A few of us read Romance books – and the huge variation there is within that genre.

Basically we’re book lovers at the heart. No book snobs here, we read what we want to and review them based on our thoughts and feelings from the book. All 5 of us have massive TBR piles that never seem to end and wish lists that grow all the time.

Calliope, Melpomene, Thalia, Urania and Pegasus – the 5 of us at your service here – will be posting the reviews. We hope you enjoy!


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