It’s a National CoHo day and giveaway!!


What does CoHo stand for, you ask?? Well, it’s Colleen Hoover, sillies. And today she has two new releases. Well technically one new one and one kinda new one. Maybe Someday is the brand new one. I have read it and I LOVED it!! Check out my review HERE. I can’t say enough good things about this book. It was a brand new reading experience for me.

For those who don’t know, Griffin Peterson wrote an album to go along with Maybe Someday. It’s a match made in heaven, I tell ya!! You click on the link or GR code, depending on which type of book you’re reading, and it will take you to the website with the music. Then, as you read the book, you click on the songs that go along with certain scenes.

It is just perfect. You’ll fall in love with the songs and his lovely voice. He is super talented and I am so glad he agreed to write these songs for Colleen. They complete this book. Like I said in my review, when I read song lyrics it’s hard to determine the melody. So when I can actually hear the songs as I read, I am blown away. My favorite song is a toss up between Maybe Someday and Hold On to You. Every time I listen to it, I think of the scenes they were played in, and I cry. Such a beautiful story paired up with beautiful music.

Also releasing today is Finding Cinderella. Now this book is already a free ebook. But as a true CoHo fan, I need her books in the dtb(dead tree book) form. So a group of us diehards bombarded Atria Books on Facebook and Twitter, begging them to print it out for us. For months we did this and it totally paid off!! Today the paperback of Finding Cinderella novella is being released. I know I’ll be stalking my mail man all day. Inside this book will be some of the texts that we sent, and bonus content that isn’t in the ebook. I am super excited to have this on my shelf!!!

Comment on this post for a chance to win a copy of the MP3 album Maybe Someday, by Griffin Peterson. You can download it to your iPod or phone and take his fabulous songs everywhere you go. Trust me, you want this. This music will make your heart happy. The contest will run all week, and I’ll draw a name on Friday at noon. US ONLY


Buy the book Maybe Someday

Buy the soundtrack Maybe Someday

Buy Finding Cinderella: A Novella

Announcing the Giveaway Winners! Muses’ Favorite Books of 2013

Drum Roll Please….. The winners for our Best Books of 2013 Giveaway are:

Alice G for A Hundred Summers
Faith McLaughlin for Left Drowning
Sprite for I am Malala
Kimberlyn for N0S4A2
Jennifer for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Krista Irvin for Coldest Girl in Coldtown


Winners, please send us your email address here on the blog,, or via private message on the Random Book Muses Facebook page.

This weekend we will send the winners their Kindle books.

Thanks for entering! Watch for more giveaways on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.

12 Days of Firemen!!

Since some of you may not know this, but I’m a firewife, and I love all things firefighter related. And when I stumbled upon Jennifer Bernard’s books, early this year, I was so excited to read them. I just love all these sexy firemen! And I can’t wait to read these next two books!! And now she’s having 12 days of Firemen!! Games, prizes and sexy firemen. Starts today and goes til New Year’s Eve. I am so there!!! Why don’t you join me. Just click on the banner for more.


We have a WINNER!!

928584azg37ws6rj Wow! We had a pretty great turnout for our giveaway of the signed copy of Slammed by Colleen Hoover and the Atria Publishing swag. We’re a fledgling blog here and we appreciate everyone that entered. You guys are awesome! We used to pick a winner.

Congratulations to … Morisa Kessler!!

Thanks everyone for entering! This was in part a celebration of our 3 month anniversary of our blog and in part a celebration of Colleen Hoover being awesome and coming to Dayton. Stick around, we will have more fun giveaways, and as always, more reviews!

Review and a GIVEAWAY#1!!!!

Are you wondering what book??? One word……..SLAMMED. Are you excited??? Not only that but it is a SIGNED copy!!!

This is a book that is really hard to describe for me because it’s one of my favorites, by one of my favorite authors. Okay, I’ll start with a summary and try to go from there and see if I can make any sense.

At 18, Layken, her mother and her younger brother pack things up and relocate to Michigan after her fathers’ death. The first person she meets there is her neighbor across the street, Will, and his little brother. They have a sudden, intense attraction to each other that only intensifies after a fantastic first date. Layken is thrilled that this move isn’t turning out to be as horrible as she feared.

However, almost immediately after the first date they are shocked to discover they cannot see each other anymore. Layken and Will are both miserable, which is made even worse by having to see each other daily as neighbors and as their odd little brothers become best friends. They try to deal as best they can but Layken is ready to explode.

That description does absolutely nothing for the book because the book is awesome. The dialogue is incredibly funny between the little brothers who are both nerdy and ridiculous but adorable. The slam poetry is amazing. I found myself reading and re-reading each slam, trying to get the intonation that would make it sound best. Layken’s best friend Eddie, is great and provide both an outlet for Eddie and more laughter the book needs to balance out the seriousness it has.

I literally both laughed and cried while reading this book. I don’t cry a lot when I read. I mean, I did cry reading Little Women and Gone With the Wind at certain points if you know what I mean…not to give any spoilers away. But I don’t cry at the majority of books, and I read a lot of angsty stuff. This one made me cry, but I was laughing while I cried. It’s so hard to explain. But other Colleen Hoover fans get it because once you read Slammed you will want to read Point of Retreat. Then you realize she’s written a few other things. Then you’re pretty much hooked. You’re welcome for that!

A couple of us muses were lucky enough to go to a book signing this week and we have a few signed books to giveaway. In case you didn’t notice the #1, there’s more to giveaways to come. The first will be this wonderful, awesome, gut wrenching book. We’re also including some swag Atria Publishing was kind enough to give out at the signing! With the SIGNED book you will also receive a great Hopeless bookmark, an I ❤ Atria Authors card and a great purple Colleen Hoover bag! You know you want it. So we'll make it easy, just like our Facebook page and comment on this post and that's it. We'll keep it open til next Thursday. Good luck!!!

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Giveaway Winners

helium-balloons Thank you to everyone who entered our very first giveaway! We all appreciate you guys taking the time to read our reviews and/or joining in the discuss on Facebook with us.

I used to pick the winners for both books – mom2cyrusncash won Pivot Point and Loida won The Sea of Tranquility! Congratulations to both of you and check your emails for more details. 🙂

Thanks for participating everyone. Stay tuned in the future for more possible giveaways. Feel free to check out our Facebook page along with the blog. We post daily with different things – from price drops and new releases to general book discussions

~ Clio

Review: The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay (and giveaway!)


This is a difficult review to write because I loved the book, the storyline, the characters, the plot, pretty much everything. So it’s hard to be objective and write almost anything.

The book starts off a little slow and at first I was wondering when it would pick up. But after reading the whole book I realized that the slow start was necessary. This book packs in all the emotions and by the end I was overwhelmed with the feels.

It’s almost impossible to say anything without being spoiler-ish and I think with this book it’s important to not have spoilers.

This quote pulled me in right away.

“I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.”

Nastya and Josh tell the story from alternating points of views and this technique definitely worked for this book.

This was not just a romance, this is a suspense, a young adult novel but also an adult one as well. I can’t say enough good things about this book so instead I’m going to give away the book so one reader can see for themselves!

To enter the giveaway make sure you’re officially following this blog and make a comment as well. On Thursday, the 15th I’ll post the winner – which will be chosen by a random number generator.

Good luck!

5 stars


Buy it Now The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel