Review: A Good Time by Shannyn Schroeder

This book is combination of a bad soap opera and The Maury Povich Show. Almost every clichéd trope that you can think of is in here.

The heroine, Indy, has a lot of TSTL moments that make me not care for her. Example? Indy is a real estate agent during the day and a server at a bar in the evening. She’s waiting for that large commission to get her career going. She has an opportunity with Griffin, a millionaire, who hired her as a favor for his best friend. For their first meeting, she shows up late and hungover.

Another example? She keeps telling him that she doesn’t sleep with her clients. Guess what she does almost immediately?

Now, let’s talk about Griffin. He has a tragic past that includes his father, whom he doesn’t want around. He is described as video game developer, but you don’t see him doing this in the book. It’s more about him trying to establish a charitable foundation to help troubled youth.

Indy broke up with her boyfriend and decides that Griffin would be the perfect rebound guy. Despite them having lots of sex, I really didn’t feel the chemistry. I was also very bored by the blandness of Griffin and the stupidity of Indy that I didn’t care if they made it as couple.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley.


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