Review: The Newcomer, by Robyn Carr

3 stars

Book 2 in a new series by Robyn Carr (of The Virgin River series), The Newcomer (Thunder Point) tells a story of small town life. You’ve got the guy running the beachfront bait shop/ lunch spot, his love interest the pilot, her brother the football player, the football player’s girlfriend, the girlfriend’s best friend….

This book has a terrific ensemble cast and several secondary plots, but no main plot line as the focus. Teenage angst takes up a lot of chapter space in The Newcomer, as does parental responsibility. People fall in love, help each other get through their struggles, and come out smiling at the end. It’s light and enjoyable.

I enjoyed The Newcomer, but I liked the first book The Wanderer, even better. I look forward to reading the third Thunder Point installment — The Hero.


Buy it now The Newcomer

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