Review: Thief, by Tarryn Fisher


OK. I really wanted to like this book. I really truly did. But sadly, I didn’t. This was the last in the trilogy and I had high hopes of angst and emotion. But all I got was frustration and anger.

The first book, The Opportunist, had me in knots. I was a wreck!! The angst almost got the better of me. The lies put me over the edge. It was CRAZY!!

The second book, Dirty Red, filled me with hate. Red was so mean, I wanted to reach in and smack her. She was a HORRIBLE mother. I mean horrible. I had to take breaks after reading what she was doing and how she didn’t even care. It made me sick. But I liked the book, even though it ended on a semi cliffy. I was shocked!

This book made me mad, just plain mad. I don’t like reading books with this theme. the “I love her, even though she’s married, and I will do everything I can to show her I still want her.” And let’s not forget the “I’m married, but he’s not here right now…” See where this is going?? I’m not even gonna right more. There is nothing I agree with in here.

OK, if you can handle that, then this book is for you. So disappointed.


Buy it now Thief (Love Me With Lies #3)

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