Musings: Anatomy of a Book Slump

I love to read. A lot. Like all the time. Which used to be a problem with limited space, limited budget and almost no bookstores near me. But then I got my first Kindle and it was like the clouds parted and I got manna from heaven – books at my fingertips. Whenever. Wherever. Only limited by my budget.

So, all my book problems were a thing of the past, right? Umm, not quite.

I began to have the opposite problem – what should I read?? This is almost as serious a problem as not having anything TO read as my fellow book lovers know. And then the worst problem of all hit me – a book slump.

What is a book slump you ask? A book slump is when even with all the resources of Amazon at your disposal you still cannot find anything to read.

I had such a bad book slump this weekend. At any given time I have about 40-50 books on my kindle, because I like knowing that I have options. These consist of a combo of library books, books I’ve gotten on sale, ARC’s to review and all are sorted carefully into genres. Then I have a short list of books out of those that I want to read very soon.

I chose a book from that pile and just wasn’t into it. Put it aside. Started another book – thought I’d try a suspense this time. Got 20% into it and was soo bored. Move onto romance. No. Thriller. No. Non fiction. Nope! Maybe a different romance. How about dystopian? OOh, what about supernatural?? Nope, no, not even close.


At this point I’ve read about 10-15% of at least 10 quality books that I truly want to read. ARGHH!!! I then bought 6 books of my Amazon wish list o’ books but still wasn’t really interested in any. I’m feeling pretty desperate here…it’s like I NEED a good book fix right now!

And then a wonderful fellow muse, Thalia, saved the day! She gifted me a book she enjoyed and I was off and reading. Finished the book that night and the next day was able to pick up a different one and keep on going.

Thank heaven for good friends, sometimes they can save you from yourself 🙂

~ Clio

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