Review: Covet, by Tracey Garvis-Graves


Let me start out by saying a few things. This is my first book by Ms. Garvis-Graves. I have On the Island, but haven’t read it yet. I figured if everyone raves about it, I should, but I haven’t gotten around to it. So when I saw this book, I assumed if everyone likes the other ones, this would probably be similar and I’d like it also. Know what they say about assuming??

I know what the word covet means. I just never read the description or reviews. I just assumed I knew what it was gonna be like. And plus I really liked the cover. I mean, with a gorgeous cover like that, it can’t be bad, right?

I think I may have jumped the gun a bit.

Chris and Claire were struggling in their marriage and they didn’t know what to do. He spent more time away from his house than he did living in it. He misses his wife and kids, but after a year of unemployment, this job is the only thing keeping them afloat. He’s willing to do anything to support his family, but he doesn’t realize the cost of being away.

Claire loves her husband, but is lonely. She meets Daniel, a local cop, and starts a friendship with him. At first, it was all innocent, but after a while lines were getting fuzzy and that was hard to read. She finds herself thinking about Daniel and spending lots of time with him.

I’m not a fan of any kinds of cheating, emotional or physical. So I almost didn’t finish it. I had to take a break for a while.

The intermingling stories of their friends and neighbors were a nice touch. You saw a glimpse into the lives of others that you realize could be your neighbors or friends. It was very believable. I think that’s why it was difficult to read. It’s something that happens more times that we even realize.

I will say this, it does have a HEA, but you have to get through some hard situations to get there.

I received this ARC for an honest review.


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