Review: One Week Girlfriend(Drew+Fable#1), by Monica Murphy



This book completely caught me off guard. I saw NONE of this coming!!

Drew has to go home for Thanksgiving and he doesn’t want too. He hasn’t been home in two years and he likes it that way. So he decides he needs a buffer and asks Fable to act like his girlfriend for the week. There is no way he’s going back there on his own!!

Fable lives with her useless mom and 13 yr old brother. She works two jobs just to take care of her bother, since her mom doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She hates her jobs and feel alone. She hates being alone. So when Drew offers her money, in exchange for one week of pretending, she jumps on it. How hard can it be?? Little did she know…

The secrets and lies that surround Drew are so horrible, I felt awful. No wonder he never goes home.

Fable didn’t understand why he didn’t wanna go home every chance he got. After one week, she knew why. And things will never be the same again.

Word of warning, this ends in a minor cliffy. But at least the second one is out, so you can jump right to it. So no worries.


Buy it now One Week Girlfriend: A Novel

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