Why I Read

As I raced around to note a bunch of book club reads and new Advanced Review Copies of books, I felt rushed. I have this list of books I want to read and review by certain dates, but I just don’t know if I’ll have time. I’d need to read pretty fast to get it done.

So I stopped and reflected. I shouldn’t be rushing to read, no matter what. Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Why am I stressing about something I love doing? Why am I reading, anyway?

Apart from that moment of stress, I consider reading my favorite hobby. I read to relax. Just the process of seeing, consuming and understanding written words relaxes me. That’s why I enjoy my morning coffee with the newspaper. Or the back of the cereal box.

I also read to escape. You’ll notice I review a lot of Happily Ever After type books. That’s because I’m trying to forget – for a little while – about my worries, the stuff I have to do the next day, and the crazy things happening in the world around me.

In the past I read to learn, to be informed, to become enlightened. But now I just want some really good writing to draw me in, and a nice happy story to entertain me.

I decided I’m not going to rush around or give myself time limits to get certain books read. I’m going to savor the writing, settle in to the characters’ lives, and enjoy the happily ever afters — however long it takes me.


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