Review: Following Me, by K.A. Linde


“I just didn’t what you were running from, but I think, all along, you were running toward me.”

Devon is spending the summer in Chicago, with her best friend and her boyfriend. They think she’s just here for fun, but they have no idea what secret she is hiding and running from. And little does know that they are also hiding a secret of their own.

Devon wishes she could tell someone her secret, but she just can’t. She chooses to keep it close and always look over her shoulder ,not knowing that her secret is following her.

Hadley is her bestie with a secret that is slowly killing her. Devon tries to help her, but she doesn’t want help, until it’s almost too late.

Garrett is Hadley’s boyfriend and his secret is less physical damaging, but no less emotionally damaging. He is the one person who finds out Devon’s secret and powerless to help her.

Brennan is the cute bartender who falls for her and knows she is hiding something.

“Don’t you see that she’s here for a reason?” he whispered.

Devon tries to keep him at a distance, but she fails miserably.

When her secret follows her to Chicago, it almost takes her away. I was so upset reading it, I had to take a break. My stomach was in knots. I was terrified for her. TERRIFIED.

In the end the four of them save each other. It took some near death experiences, but it all worked out in the end. I was so happy, I cried.

“ mama always told me that you are given a chance at greatness once in your lifetime…’when it hits you, you won’t know how you could have ever lived a day without. It’s like the universe aligned itself perfectly, just for you.’ I gave up hope on that long time ago, I think.”

“Belle…” he said softly, reaching for her.

“But I think I’ve known…well, especially after today,” Devon said. “I think I found what my mam was talking about. You’re my greatness.”

Someone please hand me a tissue….


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