Review: The Hero by Robyn Carr


5 stars!

Oh, Robyn Carr, I do love your talent. Who else can make an ensemble cast and a main character develop simultaneously in the same novel? Romance leads the way while family life and suspense follow closely behind.

I liked the romantic element in The Hero — Devon runs away with her daughter from a drug dealer-run commune — and ends up falling in love with a new guy in a new town (Thunder Point). He’s her hero in a way.

And I liked the family and community themes EVEN MORE. Rawley, the antisocial, grouchy old coot who helps Cooper at the beach restaurant, finally finds a social niche. Rawley found Devon walking along the road, saved her, and gave her a place to stay — a physical home and a home in his grandfatherly heart. Devon and her daughter Mercy are the family Rawley never had. He is Devon’s hero, too.

The women of the town quickly take to Devon, meeting her for coffee and lending an ear. They make her feel part of the town, without requiring that she repay them. The women’s friendships save Devon emotionally. They are her heroes.

By the end, we see the many ways Devon is a hero – to herself, her love interest, her daughter, Rawley, the doctor’s office. And she finally sees it too.

Around Devon’s story, Robyn Carr masterfully weaves in updates on the rest of the characters, whose stories began in Thunder Point books 1 and 2: Eric and Ashley, Cooper and Sarah and Landon (and Eve), Mac and Gina, Spencer and Austin… their relationships continue to grow and develop in wonderful ways. There are new homes, engagement rings, new jobs, a new school year, and even a beach wedding.

The Hero was a combination of the best romantic elements from The Wanderer (book 1) and the well-developed family elements in The Newcomer (book 2).

Thank you for a great escape, Robyn Carr! I lived in Thunder Point for a night and enjoyed every word, every chapter.


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