Welcome 2 New Reviewers!

books_welWe’ve had a few changes around here lately that we wanted to share with our awesome readers. Our original muse Thalia, who helped with the setup of the blog and helped with us figuring things out along the way chose to leave the blog just a few weeks ago. We, of course, were super sad but wish her well 🙂

Since then we decided to add a new Muse – actually a new Thalia. She chose to keep that name due to the other Muse names being complicated to spell! As of right now she’s contributing a review a week and reads a wide variety of books. Thalia like genres including dystopian, non-fiction, young adult and a variety of others.

Diversity in our reviews is important and we know it. So we added Pegasus to the mix! I did not know this until my google searching but Pegasus was a good friend of the 9 muses. When Athena rescued Pegasus shortly after his birth, she gave him to the Muses to care for him. Urania, in particular, took on the responsibility of caring for Pegasus and prophesied his heroism and his place in the stars both.

It will be nice to have a male perspective and different reviews on here. So welcome to both the new Thalia and to Pegasus! We’re all excited to have them.

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