Review: Stripped, by Jasinda Wilder

What can I say, the premise of this book intrigued me. A virgin stripper and a movie playboy. Doesn’t that intrigue you?

Grey grew up in a very sheltered household. I mean, VERY sheltered. I could relate to that part, the most. I was completely clueless all through high school, but never to this extent. This was downright scary, how she could do nothing remotely worldly, according to her father. All she wants to do is dance and make movies. Both are of the devil, so her pastor father doesn’t allow this kind of activities.

“You must break free, in yourself.”

But when her life is completely turned upside down, she makes the decision to leave and do what she needs to do to follow her dreams. Even if that entails becoming a stripper, just to get through college.

This is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She is barely making it and the dancing is taking a piece of her away, every time.

But then she sees him. Dawson Kellor. Super sexy movie star is watching her dance. She can’t turn away. He can’t turn away. She knows something is happening.

…I’ll never return from this place, for I know the taste of temptation. I’ve sinned; I’ve fallen.

He wants her. She wants him, but she doesn’t want to want him. He is famous and can have anyone. Why would he want a stripper?

“I’ve always been entitled, you know? I’m that horribly obnoxious kind of person who’s always had everything and owns the fucking world, okay? But I’m not entitled to you. I have to earn you.”

The torment she goes through, while trying to figure out how to survive, is gut wrenching. She was not meant for this world. But he won’t let her go. No matter what she does, there is no escaping this man. He is her jail.

“His arms are like prison bars, but it’s a cell I have no desire of escaping.”

Throughout the entire book, you see what this super sheltered life has done to her. She can barely function. She struggles with what she believes is wrong and evil, but her heart doesn’t doesn’t give up. She breaks through those barriers and you rejoice with her.

“I don’t know what to believe.”

“Believe in me.”

This is the second book I’ve read by Jasinda Wilder, and I like her style. I can’t wait to see what’s next on her agenda.


Buy it now Stripped

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