Review: The Art of Flying by Judy Hoffman

17428642Fortuna Dalliance aka Tuna aka Charlie (the Tuna) is a very practical girl who finds herself on the edge of adventure and she decides to go with it. Her neighbors, the Baldwin sisters have a reputation of being witches, one that turns out to be well earned. They have turned a bird into a young boy and require Fortuna’s assistance in finding him and convincing him to be turned back.

Fortuna really doesn’t believe in magic but when she meets Martin, the bird-boy, she’s not so sure. It turns out the sisters weren’t exactly allowed to turn Martin or his brother from birds into boys and they will have some consequences in the magical world if they don’t turn them back by a certain time. Fortuna finds herself having so much fun with Martin that she’s unsure if she wants to return him to the sisters at all.

This is a fun children’s book that would be best for ages 8-12 I think. I found the book to be very lighthearted and magical in a good way. The magic is very innocent and the possible negative consequences are glossed over in an appropriate way for this age level. It was enjoyable to see Martin trying to master being a human and funny to see him trying to eat or speak when he has been a bird for so long. There are also some beautiful illustrations. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with kids age 8 and up.

I received this ARC from Netgalley via Disney Publishing in return for an honest review.

4 stars.


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