Review: The Edge of Always, by J.A.Redmerski

Since I LOVED The Edge of Never, I just HAD to read this one. And when I received an ARC, I was super duper excited to start it. But sadly, I didn’t love is as much as the first. I honestly think The Edge of Never was fine all by itself. But I can appreciate the need for some closer in these characters, since the ending of Never destroyed us.

I liked the duel POVs. It made the struggles more real. But some of the scenes made me so mad. I was disgusted and sick, at one particular. I felt so mad for Cam and Andrew.

I loved that we were able to see more of their families and friends. Since this book spans over many years, we get to see them all grow up to be adults. We get a glimpse of their happily ever afters and their not so happily ever afters.

Cam’s struggles were heart breaking. She didn’t know how to keep it together. I knew it was gonna be hard for her to move on, from her struggles. Even though she loves Andrew, I knew things were going to come up and devastate her. But Andrew’s love for her was so strong, he’d do anything for her. Even take her on another life altering journey.

“Camryn, you are the other half of my soul, and I will love you today and every day for the rest of our lives. I promise that if you ever forget me, I’ll read to you like Noah read to Allie.”

I may have teared up at that scene. Just a li’l bit. 🙂

All in all, I was very happy with the story. I liked the way she ended it, and yet it leaves it open for a side story. But I’m hoping not. Leave it alone. 🙂

I received this ARC for an honest review.


Release date: November 4, 2013
Forever Romance
Buy it now The Edge of Always

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