Review: Waterfell by Amelie Howard

17397760 This is a young adult otherworldly book but with a feel that I hadn’t really seen or read before. Nerissa Marin is royalty of an undersea kingdom but is in hiding on land until she comes of age and can return and claim her birthright. She lives with her guardians, goes to high school and plays sports like her best friend Jenna does. However she has to be careful around the ocean as she has major pull over the creatures in the water and over any water actually.

When a new boy at school, Lo, is drawn to Nerissa, she can’t seem to fight her attraction to him. She’s been told her whole life that while she can date humans she definitely can’t fall in love with one. Nerissa is meant to bond for life with one of her own kind. At the same time she’s dealing with finding out the mother she’s always thought was murdered has really been held hostage by someone who wants her crown.

I really loved so much about this book, I have a thing for books that have their own mythologies and then build on them. The author did a good job in not bogging down the reader with a ton of details but revealing things slowly over the course of the book. I also really appreciated that there wasn’t a love triangle in here, as there is with the majority of young adult books that are out right now.

There were a ton of twists and turns but they were not too convoluted to follow. The plot was fast paced and made me want to keep reading and not want to put it down any time soon. I love that there were surprises that I didn’t see coming and I love that there wasn’t a cliffhanger for me to freak out about. I was excited to see that this seems to be the first in a series, although it doesn’t say of how many. I’m looking forward to reading more.

I received this ARC from Harlequin TEEN via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

4 stars


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One thought on “Review: Waterfell by Amelie Howard

  1. I also love it when authors change up the mythology and make it their own and I especially love it when they don’t end in a cliffhanger. hehe. Good review, I’ll have to check this one out.

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