Review: Four Seconds to Lose, by K.A.Tucker

I believe you don’t have years, or months,
or weeks to impact a person’s life.
You have seconds.
Seconds to win them over,
And seconds to lose them.

This was definitely not the like the first two books. It was still good, but just different.

Cain wasn’t your traditional strip joint owner. He set out to help girls get back on their feet. He knew if he didn’t help them they’d end up lost and forgotten. He’s very good at his job and he never wanted to mix business with pleasure.

Well, that was until he met Charlie.

Charlie needs cash. And she needs it FAST. She is in a horrible situation and need is desperate to get out of it. So desperate that she’ll become a stripper to do it.

Soon she finds herself falling for Cain, but she knows she can’t. She can’t risk him knowing who and what she really is. She doesn’t want him to get hurt or worse.

She tries everything to get away from him and her new friends, but she is so lonely she doesn’t want to leave.

Cain doesn’t want to let Charlie go. He is determined to help her with whatever she needs help with. He doesn’t care what she’s done in her past. He wants to be in her future. He’s done things in his past that he’s not proud of, so he understands why she’s leery.

When everything comes out in the open, they both need to make some very hard decisions. Decisions that will tear them apart, before they can even think of being together.

We get a glimpse of the past friends from the other books. Storm and Dan play a bigger roll than Ben, Kacey, Trent and Livie do, but they all play a minor roll.

I knew I liked Cain, after reading the other two books. But after reading this, I REALLY liked him! Something horrible happened to him, in his late teens, but he chose to turn it around and make a better life for himself.

I can’t wait to see what trouble Ben gets into, in the next book. But I have to wait til February for that one.


Buy it now Four Seconds to Lose: A Novel

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