Review: Rain of the Ghosts by Greg Weisman

17286840 This cover is beautiful and made me want a lot from the book. But I didn’t get it unfortunately. Everything seemed to happen pretty quickly in this book so I felt like I never quite got my bearings.

When we were introduced to the islands in the book, it was made to appear very mysterious, as if there was a big reason for such a separation between the others and the Islanders. I’m honestly still not clear what the point of that was, or if that is coming later in this new series.

The main character. Rain, loses her grandfather suddenly and the book changes drastically. All of a sudden we’re thrust into a different world where we’re looking for ghosts and possibly for Rain’s dead grandfather.

Then there was supposed to be a Dark Man who is connected to the Island in some way. Quite frankly by this point I was lost and confused and didn’t really care about the Dark Man. For a young adult book I was surprised at how convoluted I found the plot. Usually with a YA book the plot is straight forward and from paint A to point B. I felt that the bare bones of a good book and a good series was present here but wasn’t quite done all the way.

2 disappointed stars.


Rain of the Ghosts

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