Review: Crazy for You by Juliet Rosetti

20131215-124140.jpgWhat a caper! I didn’t read number one in this series, but I didn’t have to in order to laugh out loud and appreciate Mazie Maguire’s ex-con predicaments. Mazie gets herself into lots of trouble by accidentally getting mixed up in a murder investigation. And not unlike Stephanie Plum, she has a handsome hero to help her out of the tough spots.

What makes this novel especially good is that Mazie doesn’t actually need a hero to rescue her, he just happens to make things a little more interesting. She appreciates Ben’s affections and his willingness to walk beside her as she weaves her way through new jobs, bad guys, and insecurities about her looks. She also appreciates Ben’s good looks!

Sometimes cozy mysteries or caper-ridden novels depend on the dumbness of the characters. Not here. I like that Mazie and Ben are smart. The trouble that meets them doesn’t result from any mistakes or idiocy on their part…. And they intelligently put their heads together to keep each other safe.

I laughed hilariously throughout this book, loved the romantic element, and will be on the lookout for book 3. Juliet Rosetti, you’re a find!

— Calliope

Buy it now Crazy for You

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