Review: Coreyography by Corey Feldman

17286694 I would not have normally picked this book up in a million years. I’ve never been a screaming fan of Corey Feldman and the intense cover photo is kind of a turn off for me since it seems very exaggerated for one and for two because it seems kind of reminiscent of a famous Michael Jackson pose which struck me as odd. But my best friend read it and she convinced me that it was surprisingly well written and that it reminded her of MY favorite celebrity written memoir, Stories I Tell My Friends by Robe Lowe. So after that I had to read it.
And I’m very glad I did! While Rob Lowe’s memoir is still my favorite autobiography I’ve read to date, this one definitely did not disappoint. The novel was well written and throughout the book Corey comes off as very genuine and forthcoming. He reveals much about his personal life and his family life when he was starting out as a young child star. He was pretty clear about his parents bad choices and selfishness but he is also clear that he doesn’t care about holding a grudge about anymore.
One theme that ran throughout the book that was quite shocking to me was the sexual abuse that both he and Corey Haim endured from their childhood on. Corey Feldman makes claims that this is rampant in Hollywood and that he knew of many cases of this happening. He does name his abuser but he says that one of his biggest regrets is that he wasn’t able to help Corey Haim do the same before he died.
This was a fascinating book and glimpse into Hollywood life of a star when he was at the top of his game and when he was definitely struggling and at the bottom.

3.5 Stars


Buy it Now Coreyography: A Memoir

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