Review: Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

aaaThis book was a fast suspenseful read. It takes place in England and has links to the East Coast in The States as well. After a short romance Hannah Reilly and Mark Reilly marry. Hannah has always had trust issues, but Mark sweeps her off her feet and soon she has left The States to live her happily ever after with Mark in London. Everything seems to be going well. Hannah believes she has found true happiness and is learning how to lean on someone else and trust them to provide for her. However, all of that changes when Mark misses a flight home from New York. Hannah means to surprise him at the airport but he never shows up. Once she hears from Mark, her unease starts to ease up….but left alone, Hannah starts to question what she has been told….after talking to others, things start to really have her questioning Mark and her entire relationship. Just how well does she know the man she loves and married? One question leads to another…and Hannah is forced to question her own feelings and psyche! Is she looking for things that don’t exist? Is she letting her past insecurities question her current relationship?

Whitehouse does a brilliant job not only making Hannah question herself, but also having the reader question themselves. As a reader, I felt I had it figured out…I knew who the bad guy was…but Whitehouse puts just enough of twisted characters in the story that you often find yourself changing your mind as to whom you should trust….At points, you wanted to scream at Hannah for being so trusting…and at other times you wanted to scream at her to let go of her trust issues from the past….I found myself standing up for Mark and trying to justify his actions, every bit as much as Hannah did in the story….I almost felt like Hannah and I were volleying back and forth…She would find a reason not to trust Mark and I would justify his actions in my mind….she would justify his actions and find a valid excuse and I would point out why he could not be trusted…

This is a quick easy read that is sure to have readers wanting to discuss it with others….

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review

Until next time….

Urania xx

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