Review: Deeper by Robin York

18525821 I have been waiting for this release as I am a big fan of this author when she writes as Ruthie Knox of contemporary romance novels. I was surprised to see this New Adult debut of hers was around 400 pages long which is a bit lengthy for this genre. Pretty much before the book starts I was immediately taken aback by the line “it sounds so drama llama”. The book is set in college and that made me think of a pre teen girl or my grandmother trying to sound cool. But moving on.

Caroline Piasecki is in college and has just discovered that her life is pretty much over because her ex boyfriend has ruined it by posting some pretty horrible sex pictures of her online. She can barely go to class because everyone on campus has seen them and she’s frozen just hearing all of their taunts in her head- both real and imagined. She throws herself into her classes and tries to put things out of her mind.

West Leavitt is a bad boy in terms of doing what he wants and not caring who says anything about what he does. This is not an unusual trope for a romance to use and definitely not one I’m opposed to reading. However, this is part of where the book started to move a little off the mark for me. West is obviously supposed to be a bad boy with a heart of gold. He has a little sister at home in not great circumstance he worries about constantly and he is gentle with Caroline, not caring about the online pictures, helping to restore her confidence. However at odds with this is West’s career as a drug dealer throughout the book as well as his mild violence.

I just couldn’t put all of the pieces of the book together into one great New Adult book for me. I did enjoy the flirtatious scenes in the bakery and the romance scenes were great – both unsurprising since Ruthie Knox is a great adult romance author. I was also drawn in enough to want to know what happens in the next book since this looks to be a series. This book did not have an HEA or in my opinion a satisfying end which IS kind of common in New Adult books and something of which I’m not a fan.

I’ll be reading more of this author in the future because I’ve read many, many of her books which have been 4 and 5 stars for me. If anyone reads this book and feels differently, comment and let me know why I’m wrong. I welcome the opinions 🙂

3 Stars

~ Clio

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