Review: Killer (Alex Delaware #29) by Jonathan Kellerman

killerI have long been a fan of Jonathan Kellerman. There was a time where thrillers/mysteries such as Kellerman’s were all that I bothered to read. Kellerman was always a “must-read” author for me during this dozen or more years of my life. The Delaware series has always been enjoyable for me, but after reading so many of them my passion somewhat slacked off a bit and I wasn’t in a huge rush to give up other reads to continue on with the series….as many can relate to, reading time is often a very precious thing. One can never seem to find enough time to read all of the books we so desire….

So, basically it’s been a few years since I’ve picked up a Alex Delaware novel. I must admit, I enjoyed this one much more than I have the last few I read. There was less focus on Delaware’s lady-love.

There were some faults here, I thought….the rapport between Delaware and his mate Milo didn’t seem to be as close as it has been in the past….It almost felt like Delaware was resentful of Milo….too many comments about his overeating and being out of shape….In the past maybe this didn’t bother me…but something about it this time just made me feel like Delaware was looking down upon Milo for these things….that he was a bit resentful and perhaps a bit disapproving of him. The warmth between the two friends just didn’t seem to be there…

Much like real life, I suppose, once the mystery was figured out, it all wrapped up rather quickly….

I am much more likely to hurry and pick up the next installment of this series because I really enjoyed this novel, despite the few flaws I felt it held….

I’m not sure what has happened…perhaps Kellerman is just a bit tired of Delaware…but the character really seemed to lack the warmth and openness of the past….Delaware seemed to want to explore some of his feelings and perhaps some actions, but at the end just didn’t seem like he could be bothered with it all and just let it go….

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review….

Until next time….

Urania xx

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