Giveaway and Review: Eternal Redemption by Paul Andreas Wunderlich

eternal redemptionI will be the first to admit, I’m not a huge fan of novellas or short stories….however, this is one I really enjoyed! I admit I was a bit worried after the author contacted me and I accepted his offer of a free copy to read. He was very polite in his offer and very informative as well. I was just a bit worried that I would hate the book and have to give it a low rating….or worse…that I would hate it so much that I would be forced to give a less than favourable review! As I seem to be learning more and more in my later life…the thoughts and worries I constantly have rumbling around in my head are usually unfounded….life usually turns out so much better than I had hoped….This novella was no exception. I really did enjoy it.

When I contacted Paul (Paul Andreas Wunderlich’s webpage ) to thank him for the gift and to tell him just how much I enjoyed the book and wished to feature it in this blog, he once again showed his generosity and offered not one but THREE free copies to our readers. Just comment on this blog post for a chance to win!

Now back to the review…

This novella reminded me of the fables or mythology that I loved as a teenager…no, let me rephrase that….as I first loved as a teenager and continue to love now. Here you have a main character that gets exactly what he wishes for the most in the world….alas, only then does he realise that what he wanted was actually exactly what he already had….he tries to rectify his past mistakes and true to life…finds out that you can’t always go back to how things were…and many of us are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over in this life…and perhaps the next life as well….

It says a lot that my favourite character of this novella was the Devil himself. It also reminds all of us that the most evil person in the room might be the one who can appreciate, understand, and see the most pure and beautiful in that very same rule. After all, how can one know beauty without knowing it’s total opposite as well? What is happiness and love if we have never known pain and suffering to compare it with? The trick is in the knowing of how to keep the one in your life instead…or perhaps, in spite, of the other….

The title is also something to give you much to ponder….if we seek to find eternal redemption, whom should we be seeking it for? Ourselves or those that we have wronged? Can we be redeemed whilst we have no chance of ending our own suffering? Is it enough for those that we have wronged to be happy, even at our own expense? Should we feel shorted if the happiness of our loved ones comes on the back of our own suffering? Sure, it’s easy to say yes….but we’re talking about human nature here….Can one really be happy for our loved ones if we are never in a position to personally share their happiness? To see their laughter every day through the sheen of our own tears?

If I have one complaint in this novella it is that perhaps Wunderlich has too much of a fondness of adjectives. By the end of the book, I wasn’t bothered at all and I really did enjoy this short read. I also admit that since I went into this not at all sure I would like this novella, I might have had a part of my mind (the annoying part that is ALWAYS speaking and never shuts up!!!) that was looking for parts of the story to justify my original worries of the novella….

If you’re in-between a couple of chunky novels and need something to break them up, this might be the perfect read for you. You should have no problem finishing it in one sitting…and there is much moral contemplations to ponder whilst you do….

Until next time….


***Please don’t forget to comment to this post for a chance to win a free copy of this novella***

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