Review: Dazed(Connections 2.5), by Kim Karr

Yum!! I wasn’t sure if reading this would ruin the fact that I still haven’t read Torn, but it totally didn’t. I’ll eventually get to it, but this was a novella, so I decided to read this one first.

Meeting Jagger is just what Aerie needed to get her trust back. He was willing to do anything for her and she realized that not all men were like Levi. I wish I could punch that jerk.

I loved seeing the sweet side of this cupcake thief. He really gave his cousin, River, a run for his money, in the sexy department. He knew just how to make Aerie feel special and loved.

I was thrilled to see River and Dahlia in this story. I loved the way they were so perfect for each other. And also seeing the joking side of River, made me love him even more.

In the end of this little novella, Aerie and Jagger got their HEA, even if they had a bit of a detour first. 🙂

I can’t to finally read Torn and then onto Mended. 🙂


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