Review: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

20140414-233216.jpg I loved the writing in this book, and I liked how three stories started out separately and then collided. I’m not sure about the characters… They were unlikeable and annoying. But maybe that’s how we humans are in real life sometimes?!

In any case, Liane Moriarty did a phenomenal job capturing character flaws and insecurities and putting them out on a table for us to inspect.

And my very favorite part was so meta. Moriarty has Cecelia brainstorming as to what her husband John-Paul’s secret could be. And every single idea was in line with my own guesses. If you found a secret letter from your spouse, what do you think it would say? Cecelia thinks those VERY THINGS. I think Moriarty is clever to speak to the reader through Cecelia… in a way saying, “I know what you’re thinking, but nope. Guess again.”

I never did guess. But it was pretty juicy when I found out.

There’s more than one husband in this story, by the way. There are three, plus one wannabe. There are also mothers-in-law, cousins, and children. And by the end, they all become part of the same story. I wouldn’t call it a happy ending, either. But it’s probably a pretty realistic one.



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