Review – Waiting For Wednesday, by Nicci French

17987216Up until a few years ago, Nicci French was one of my go-to authors when I want something relaxing and fun to read. Recently, I decided to try one of their (Nicci French is actually a husband and wife team that writes the books together) newer books, Waiting for Wednesday. This is the third book in a new sub series that they have created, however, it can also be read as a standalone.

Like I said above, the stories written by Nicci French aren’t necessarily hard to follow, and they keep you moving along at a decent pace. The character development is quite good for a book in the thriller genre, with a good ratio of time spent on plot and character interaction.

The premise follows Frieda Kleine, a psychologist that works with the police on particularly hard crimes. A seemingly innocent woman is murdered, in what appears to be a random attack. Frieda is once again called into help, and whilst battling her own demons from past events, she helps to investigate the grisly murder.
This book is definitely a good choice for a casual read, or when you are in a book hangover. If however, you don’t want to start on the 3rd book in a series, I can personally recommend any of French’s previous novels, particularly, Secret Smile. Well worth the read.

~ Pegasus
Waiting for Wednesday: Waiting for Wednesday: A Frieda Klein Mystery (Freida Klein)

Secret Smile: Secret Smile (French, Nicci)

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