Review: Sweet Filthy Boy, by Christina Lauren


“I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night.”

Can I be honest?? I never expected this book to be as amazing as it was. I expected romance and silliness, and a good story. But I never expected the angst and emotions and the sweetness. Be still my heart. I feel in love with this sweet filthy boy. Completely, head over heels in love.

I will also admit, that I never even read the blurb for this, until I just start this post. I went in, with no preconceived ideas or views. All I knew was this was by the same girls who wrote Beautiful Bastard series. I was shocked by this story. If the others are going to be this way, sign me up right now. Where are those pre-orders??

Mia just graduated from college and is going to business school, in the fall. But before she goes, she plans on having the best three weeks of her life. Then her new reality will set in and the life she never wanted, will be hers.

Ansel is truly the perfect sweet filthy French boy. He will melt your heart as well as your panties. Serious swooning happened, while reading this. Honest to goodness swooning. The man was so sweet I could picture his dimple in my mind. I wanted to reach in and just love all over him. He was just too…too sweet and sexy. When he speaks to her in French…be still my heart.

“He’s the one making me lose my breath, making me feel like there’s not enough room in my body for him and air at the same time, but nothing has ever felt so good.”

After an insane one night stand, she makes the life altering decision to follow him to France. She wants a summer of fun and playing before she has to live a life she never chose.

But as the weeks go by, all the playing lines are distorted and she questions what to do. It doesn’t help that Ansel is the perfect boy for her. It doesn’t help that he brings her out of her comfort zone. It definitely doesn’t help that actually solves some major issues for her, quite easily I might say.

On a side note, Mia has some issues that many people face and I was so happy to see it addressed in here. I have never heard of a story line mentioning this, and I mostly read love stories. But not all love stories are perfect. Not all thing match up. I could sense her frustration and I felt right along with her. I appreciate that aspect of the story.

Ansel was not only the most gorgeous Frenchman, had the most dirtiest mouth. One of the best parts of this story were his scribbled phrases, he would leave her each day. Cracked me up!! That dirty boy made me blush!!

I really enjoyed this story and I seriously can’t wait to read the next one. If it’s anything like this, I may have to buy these for my shelf.


Buy Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons)

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