Thank you, Twilight. My reading journey

I am sad to say that I am a late in life reader. I was never a reader in school. I only read when it was assigned. Not sure if it was because my mom was dyslexic, and she hated reading, so she never encouraged it. Or perhaps the schools never made reading exciting. Whatever the reason, I never picked up a book, and read for fun, for about 15 years after high school!!

I am quite jealous of all of you life long readers. My reading journey began about three years ago, and it started with Edward and Bella. That’s right, Twilight. I can see some of you rolling your eyes, but it doesn’t matter the book, as long as you’re reading, right? Well, I never got into the Twilight books until the 3rd movie came out. I remember watching Twilight on a Saturday and freaking out and begging my hubby to get New Moon and Eclipse DVDs on Sunday. So I watched both on Sunday night. Then Monday morning, I went to the library and checked out all four books. Then I proceeded to sit on my butt, for four days, and read the entire series.


This pic was taken during one of those days. Not my finest picture, but still a life changing one. I ended up reading them each three times. I was obsessed.

So, for Mother’s day, a few months later, I asked for the last two books, since I picked up the first two at a used books sale. Instead, hubby decided to give me a kindle. Why?? I’ll never know, but that decision changed my life.

Once I figured out how to work the darn thing(Technology challenged) I started downloading free books. Then I found Facebook pages just about reading. Pretty soon I made book loving friends, I’d like to call enablers. They told me what to try and pretty soon, I found my niche.

Now I read about 6-7 books a week. I buy purses only if they fit my kindle. I use Coinstar every other month, for amazon cards. I am on a million FB book clubs, street teams, fan clubs. I buy shirts, related to by books. I spend crazy amounts of money just to buy signed books. I have my hubby paying for me to go to book signings, with and without him. Heck, I even blog about my crazy books!! CRAZY!! All of this is because of a silly vampire book.

So, thank you, Stephanie Meyer. I hope my children find their own “Twilight” to get them sucked in this magical world of reading.


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