Review: All Lined Up, by Cora Carmack

I am definitely not a fan of football, but I really enjoyed this story!! And having never grown up in a sport obsessed state, this was quite an eye opener.

I totally loved Carson. He was a second string player with the drive of ten first stringers. I loved his heart and his drive. He wanted to do the best he could, cuz he couldn’t afford to stay, unless he got a scholarship. So he busted his butt and knew his limits. I felt bad for him when school didn’t come easy to him. But he never gave up. He was not your typical alpha male, am I’m so thankful for it.

I loved how much he needed Dallas, and wasn’t willing to leave her. He knew she was a distraction, but one he could work around. NOT having her, was more trouble. I also swooned every time he called her Daredevil. It was just too sweet.

“I can’t walk away from you because I don’t want to. There are a thousand things I want and need to do, but you trump all of them. You drive me to distraction, and all I want to do is get lost in you. All I want to do is make you lose it, too.”

Dallas was a dancer through and through. She lived dancing. But she has grown up with football being shoved down her throat also. With no mom and her dad a coach, she had no choice but to follow him wherever he went. She was so sick of football.

After having her heart broken by her HS sweetheart, also the QB, she swore she’s never date another football player. So when she met Carson, her heart was saying one thing, while her head was saying another.

Watching them move at a slow pace was quite refreshing. I’ve read so many books that they hook up almost instantly. This story definitely didn’t need it. They were both going through some things that needed time to resolve. It was the perfect pace.

Very sweet romance, with just the right amount heart. Perfect. Another winner from Cora!!


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