Rereading Books

Do you reread books? Lately I’ve been rereading quite a few. I blame my book club for this. They got me started. We had a Kristen Ashley week, so I reread all of the Dream Man books. Let me tell you, I LOVE those guys!! Mystery Man was the first, and I gotta say, Hawk was the BEST!!! His and Gwen’s story was so awesome! Lots of emotion and excitement. Wild Man, Law Man and Motorcycle Man rounded up the series. Motorcycle Man was Tack’s story and I seriously love that guy. He has the biggest heart and he loves so fiercely, that when he sets his sights on Tyra, she can’t possibly get away. I can’t wait to keep going with the Chaos series, which is the spin off of Tack’s story. Love me some motorcycle men.

Mystery Man (Dream Man Book 1)
Wild Man (Dream Man Series Book 2)
Law Man (Dream Man Series Book 3)
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series Book 4)

Then I decided to read the Birthmarked trilogy, by Caragh O’Brien. I was hoping to have my daughter read them, but then I got to the second book and realized that the subject matter was quite above what I want my 12 yr old to know or think about. I’m so glad I reread them, before I set her to them. While this is one of my favorite YA series, I think it’s more for older teens, or atleast in my house it will be.

Birthmarked (The Birthmarked Trilogy)
Prized (The Birthmarked Trilogy)
Promised (The Birthmarked Trilogy)

Now I’ve been dying to reread the Fever series, by Karen Marie Moning, but first I have to reread her highlander series. So I’m slowly going through these. I just read the first one yesterday and I’m reading the second one now. I love the highlanders!!! I love the romance and sexy scenes. I love the accents, I can hear in my head. I can’t wait to get through these and on to Fever. I heart Barrons!! I have missed him and need to visit him soon.

Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander Book 1)
To Tame a Highland Warrior (Highlander Book 2)
The Highlander’s Touch
Kiss of the Highlander
The Dark Highlander
The Immortal Highlander
Spell of the Highlander
Into the Dreaming (with bonus material) (Highlander Book 8)

So??? What are some of your favorite rereads??


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