Review: After by Amy Efaw

book_coverIt’s the sign of a truly gifted author when you find yourself rooting for the perpetrator, pulling for the criminal, hoping against hope that things will work out in their favor. That’s exactly what Amy Efaw was able to accomplish with this haunting story.

Up until “that moment”, fifteen-year-old Devon has been able to rise above her difficult childhood. She’s a straight-A student and a star player on her school soccer team. She’s responsible, independent, reliable, and in control. Although her home life may be lacking, she’s determined to make it. Then she messes up. One night’s carelessness leads to a pregnancy, and then there’s a baby abandoned in a dumpster. Does Devon truly not remember what happened or is it all an act?

This was a difficult book to read while at the same time being impossible to put down. It’s a who-done-it of sorts, a legal thriller, a young adult story that could easily have been taken from today’s headlines. I won’t ruin the story for you by telling you the outcome. I’ll just strongly suggest that you grab this one and decide for yourself.


Buy It Now:After

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