Review: A Dog’s Purpose by W Bruce Cameron

dog's purposeThis book was so much better than I expected. I’m not really sure *what* I really expected…but this wasn’t it. I won’t say much about what happens as it’s a simple plot that would be very easy to give away. I will say this, it is a book that is written in very simple prose. I imagine a tween would have no problem reading and following along. Having said that, it’s still a beautiful story. It’s not in the writing, it’s in the telling and of the actual story itself. Dogs might seem to lead a simple life….especially dogs that have a *home*. But just like people…dogs seek purpose too….and without that purpose they are nervous and whiny…much like people 🙂 Once your dog figures out what his purpose is, there is nothing they won’t do to live out that purpose. Loyalty in that purpose is immeasurable. Yes, this is a simple, easy read…however, it will enlarge your heart and make you not just look at the next dog you see differently…hopefully it will make you happier and more satisfied with what you have….and yes, I hope it makes you a better person…if you’re very lucky, it will make you more dog-like 🙂

Until next time…

Urania xx

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