Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

martianWhat a pleasant surprise this book turned out to be! Okay, come on now….admit it….many of you are like me….you hear “Sci-fi” and you automatically tune out of the conversation or turn the page and ignore all together….

I’m one of those annoying people who *say* they will read just about anything….however, even I draw the line at self-help books and Sci-Fi…….this book reminds me how much I am limiting myself by doing these silly things….If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a 1,000 times (WAIT!!!! DID MY MOTHER JUST INVADE MY BODY???? Who besides my mother says such silly things….”if I’ve said once….” Are you kidding me????) But really….I’ve said it many times….a book doesn’t matter what genre it resides in….if its a good book it can appeal to any type of reader. This is a good book!

I’ve seen it on countless Goodreads’ Lists….and when I saw it being offered for review at Edelweiss, I went ahead and applied….then when I was approved and I thought, “oh no…now what?”

Well, I finished a wonderful book and thought I would dive right into this one….it should be different and it’s rated so highly! Pretty much from page one it was a read that reached out and grabbed me. See here’s the thing about really good books…..they aren’t just about space, or romance or horror….or whatever else genre you wish to categorize them into….they are about PEOPLE….and every day struggles…okay…perhaps being stranded in space isn’t a struggle you’ll ever find yourself in….but you will find yourself in some sort of struggle at some point…and when the s**t hits the fan and it all looks like a hopeless mess, you’ll (hopefully) eventually say, “okay, let’s step back and tackle this bit by bit”…..but surly, if you look at the whole big, huge, all-encompassing problem you won’t ever find the strength to even start tackling it…..sometimes you have to just focus on one screw up at a time……

Yes, at times, I though the main character was just too darn smart….I mean he’s like Johnny Appleseed/Macgyver/Neil Armstrong/Gregory House/Chuck Noland/Truman Burbank all rolled into one…..and what person can NOT fall in love with a man like that?

At times the descriptions do get a big long….but I think the author needed to do that to make it easily understandable for us simple folk 🙂 Hahaha…..really, there’s some complicated stuff going on at times, but the author does a great job using layman’s terms so anyone can understand what’s happening…

This is a suspenseful read that will grab you right from the start….it will have you holding your breath and cheering….it will have you yelling, “Oh no!!” on numerous occasions…..and it will have you rooting for the hero and for a happy ending……

Until next time…
Urania xx

Review Copy provided by Edelweiss for an honest review

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One thought on “Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

  1. I have to admit I’ve always liked SF. So I expect a lot when I read a story in this genre and I wasn’t disappointed in Weir’ “The Martian.” Protagonist Mark Watney does seem to be able to solve seemingly insurmountable problems. But I wouldn’t doubt such resourcefulness is an innate part of an astronaut’s abilities.
    And what makes a book character believable? Well, to me it’s mistakes they make. Anyone can grow food on a planet with limited oxygen, make rocket fuel or communicate with Earth using an ancient space probe while stranded on Mars. But to forget that the mere act of breathing releases not only carbon dioxide but also unused oxygen would contaminate a supposedly oxygen-depleted room? When a subsequent explosion nearly kills Watney due to his admittedly stupid mistake, I said to myself, “now, that’s the kind of bonehead oversight I would make!”
    The book’s on a par with “Castaway” where a person must use only the resources on hand to survive. I therefore wouldn’t be dissuaded by its SF genre. Remember, Apollo XIII had many problems that needed to be rectified before its inhabitants could return home. That wasn’t SF, folks. That was the ingenuity of humankind at it’s finest.
    Should you read the book? Like the old Alka Seltzer commercial said, “Try it – you’ll like it.”

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