Review: On a Ring and a Prayer by Sandra Bricker

I adored Bricker’s Always the Baker series, and so I jumped in wholeheartedly to this new series. The first book is enjoyable, but maybe not quite impressive as I had hoped. 

Jessie comes home one day to find her life closed up – no furniture, no car, no husband. She cries on best friend Piper’s shoulder, then hires Danny to investigate. She gets back on her feet stronger than ever… And a new Jessie is in the making. 

I loved Danny. He lives his faith but doesn’t preach it, has a cool best friend to surf with, and is adamant about doing the decent thing when he can. 

Jessie is a great character for a series because she has flaws that make for good comic relief. And what fun to see her untapped talent at solving mysteries! I love the partner-in-crime aspect and can’t wait to read more. 

Bricker is a pro at setting the scene for not only many more mysteries to come, but for a love story, new friendships, and professional success.



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