Review and Giveaway: Deep, by Kylie Scott

01deep I have enjoyed all these Stage Dive stories so much, this was bittersweet for me. I knew the end was coming, but it still doesn’t make it easier.

Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins’ ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben’s the only man she’s ever met who can make her feel completely safe, cherished, and out of control with desire at the same time? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn’t looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She’s his best friend’s little sister now, and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he’s not going to go there. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he’s always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible…but will it lead to a connection of the heart?

Ben, Ben, Ben….. You’d think he’d remember, from watching the other guys, that you can’t run away from love. It finds you and catches you and never lets you go. No matter how much you fight it, love is it’s own master and commander.

When Ben is handed the new of the century, to say he’s shocked is an understatement. This boy was not prepared for this. In fact, neither was Lizzy, but she had no choice but to get prepared whether or not he was with her.

Ben doesn’t do love. He does lust. But there’s something about Lizzy that he can’t seem to let go, and yet, he doesn’t want to hold on. Lizzy would love for him to love her, but she’s trying not to maintain a sense of independence, just in case. I just loved her. She was smart and had enough sass to make me giggle. Her witt and sarcasm made her one of the best characters. She was so believable, which is why my heart broke when hers did.

Now, I love Ben. I really do. But I wanted to smack that boy upside his head, for the way he treated Liz. My heart was crumbling as I watched her fall apart and be alone. I also loved the way the other characters had a part in his transformation. Even his sister made an untimely appearance, which set things off, and not in a good way.

Kylie had a way of twisting my heart and making me sad and mad in the blink of an eye and then 10 seconds later had me smiling and swooning. Perfect ending to this rocking series. They will be missed.


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C’mon. How have you been, really? What’s been going on with you?” he pushed. I frowned at him and he frowned right back. “Liz, please.”
I groaned in defeat. “All right, I suck.”
“Why do you suck?”
“So very many reasons.” I pushed my hair back from my face—no more hiding. “Pregnancy sucks. It’s natural, my ass. I finally stop throwing up, but I’m tired all the time. Giving up coffee was horrendous. None of my clothes fit right because of these stupid breasts, and they ache constantly. I have to pee like every thirty seconds, and then to top it off, I cry every time the Healthy Hound ad comes on. It’s ridiculous”
Little wrinkles appeared either side of his nose. “You cry at a dog food ad?”
“Yes. The puppies jump all over each other to get to their mother and it’s just so beautiful, with their cute little tails wagging and everything.”
He just stared at me.
“I know its psycho, Ben. Believe me, I’m well aware of this.”
“Hey, it’s fine.” He covered a smile with his hand. Too late, the bastard.
“You try dealing with all these hormones going apeshit. Crap. Apeshoot.”
“I’m trying not to swear,” I explained. “You want the first word our child comes out with to be something bad?”
“No. Gotcha.” The man was incredibly bad at hiding a grin. “No swearing.”

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