Review: The Traveling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones


Here’s the premise: Ex-pat Laurie takes British pastry chef Pamela on a food tour of New England. On a red London double decker. Driven by Pamela’s mom… and then later by Pamela’s true love… who has a really good-looking and nice son about Laurie’s age. Sigh.  

Oh sorry I got carried away with the romance part. 

Most of the book brings you to bakeries in the New England states. You read about gorgeous kitchens and quality ingredients, talented chefs and scrumptious treats. And then you get back on the bus with Laurie et al, check the itinerary, and go on to the next one. And maybe you watch some people fall a little bit in love. 

I loved the food, the traveling, the allusions to quirky state stereotypes, the Newport, R.I. scenery, and the cathartic hotel stays.  The Traveling Tea Shop gives you a cozy, family feeling, like you’re home on holiday, eating cakes and baking for friends. If I were going to take a road-trip with some friends, this very well might be our guidebook. 



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