Review: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Coble

  The wonderful thing about blogging is being able to share my love of reading, and hopefully inspire someone to pick up a book (or add one to an existing collection). 

And sometimes my job is to be real about the fact that some books didn’t end up quite as good as they could have been. 

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge has a terrific Maine setting and lovely characters – even impressive parallelism with the orca’s matriline discussions and the mystery surrounding Claire’s family. I adored the friendships, the hotel family, the budding romance, and the grandmother. 

But the suspense part was poorly executed. An attacker clandestinely beating up the same woman over and over without any witnesses or clues… The sheriff’s office refusal to investigate… I just don’t think that would happen to a high profile, wealthy family.  No one recognizing the painting of her attacker? Not even the police of the town where he lived?! Totally unbelievable. 

So. Loved the family. Loved the saga. Hated the execution of the mystery. 

I’ll consider reading Book 2 because this series is set in New England (fave!) and it’s Christian, and I’m a sucker for romance (I really want to find out which couples will have HEAs). But Ms. Coble, please ask your editor to help you tighten up the suspense aspect! 



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