Review: Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah


So Kristin Hannah is a pretty popular author, but I’m not really one for making a reading list based on popularity only.  I chose to pick up this book next because I fondly remembered Firefly Lane, also by Hannah.  And because the title of this one referenced sisters. I’m a sister, and I have a sister… I love sisters! 

Okay except these sisters don’t even get along AT ALL. They’re on different pages, in different ballparks, on different wavelengths. But Meghan keeps trying to make things better with Claire. And it’s the effort that makes all the difference.  

The sisters’ relationship developed so nicely throughout the book. Hannah had the women change and grow together, letting the women maintain their quirks and disagreements and strengths and weaknesses. For example, by the end of the book, we see Meghan is still bossy, but she leads with love. 

I loved seeing the sisters love each other – really put each others’ needs first. I also enjoyed the sisters’ attempts at communicating with their mother. But it wasn’t all smiles –  I cried my eyes out at times… Forewarned is forearmed: get some tissues. 

The romance angle was unexpected, I’ve got to say. The choice of love interests surprised me, not just for their uncommonness, but also because I didn’t see how they would fit with Meghan and Claire. But Hannah made it work and eked out a happily every after, so I’m happy. 🙂 



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