Review: Optical Delusions in Deadtown by Ann Charles

11830198Wow! What happened? I loved the first book so very much! This one? Meh…..

Again, I must stress, I don’t understand these stupid covers at all! I still look at them and think of something from “True Blood” or something along those lines….very different from what the books really are about….yes, there is a bit of paranormal in these novels….but they are only a tiny slice of plot…and even at that the main character is always questioning if it even exists….so readers should be warned, if they are looking for some bad arse kicking sexy momma going off killing vampires/werewolves/zombies well they really won’t find that here……just a mention of a ghost or two….

The first book centers around spunky and single Violet Parker and her attempts to support herself and her two children, whilst also trying to maintain her sanity as she deals with all sorts of trouble that only a spunky, single independent woman could get in to. It’s full of laughs and near misses and heart tugging moments that you have no chance of escaping without loving Violet and her children.

This book? We hardly have even a glimpse of her children. Much of the book is spent with Violet trying to win over Doc…or at least getting him into a bed…..whilst at the same time she is playing best mate to her friend that fancies herself in love with Doc as well. At no point does she come clean.

Her dedication to being independent and her children that I so admired in book one really seems to take a back burner in this installment. Yes, you can be single, have kids, and fancy a man….yes, you can even sleep with said man…..but I felt that the entire novel was more focused on that then even the mystery in this novel….

I almost felt like I was reading some Janet Evanovich novel….and not a very entertaining one at that….

again….such a let down after book number one….


Until next time…

Urania xx

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