Review: Stormfront by K.R.Conway

01 stoAnother fun and exciting installment!! Stormfront takes place right after Undertow, so the action never stops. So you MUST read it first.

Eila has a lot to accomplish in this book. Besides trying to heal up after the Breakers incident, she must learn how to control her power and not kill herself in the process. She has so much power that needs to be tapped, in order for her to properly defend herself. She can’t always rely on Raef, Kian, RJ and Ana to be there.

In the midst of all the training and fighting for their lives, a few new things pop up. Raef and Eila realize that they can’t be apart. They mean to much to each to try and back away anymore. I was hope this would happen. 🙂 We find out exactly who Christian is, in all of this. I knew there was something special about him!! And let’s not forget Rillian!! Oh my gosh! What a surprise he was. I never would’ve thought of him as an asset.

This group of misfits have each other’s backs and will do everything they can to help Eila grow to her full potential. They all love each other and will fight to the death, in a heartbeat, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I can’t wait to read the next book and see Eila come into her own. And after that last sentence!!! GAH!!!! I NEED IT NOW!!!!


Buy Stormfront (Undertow Book 2)

Grab Undertow first and get caught up.

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