Review: Gathering Deep by Lisa Maxwell

Gathering Deep final

As an avid reader, there’s nothing more rewarding than waiting, squirming with anticipation for a book to be released. You’ve read the first one, you know a sequel is in the works, now just to get your hands on it. And then you get that book. And you tear through it. But you go back and reread parts, slow down and savor it a bit. And the very best part comes at the end, when it’s just as good as you’d hoped. So what comes next? Spreading the love to other readers, of course!

This story picks up where Sweet Unrest left off. This time, however, the focus is on Chloe and her connection to her mother, Thisbe. While one series of killings is apparently over, the danger from dark and mysterious forces is not. Chloe and her friends must seek the help of Mama Legbe, a well-known voodoo queen, as well as the help of darker entities. Is Chloe destined to follow the wicked path of her mother? Or can her true spirit prevail as she fights to do the right thing? And there’s a love story, of course. Because after all, love is the root of all things good and bad. But unlike many other young adult stories, it’s a supporting character in this one. The real story lies in the mystery and suspense as well as the outstanding character development.

Along the way readers are given a mesmerizing description of the city that care forgot, a city that will weave its way into your very heart and soul. Lisa Maxwell’s debut novel, Sweet Unrest, stole my heart with its spot-on descriptions of a beautiful city. This follow-up does no less. She writes with a love for New Orleans that shows with every paragraph.

“Like a worn out madam who still has enough sparkle to keep the fellows knocking on her door, there’s something beautiful about the way this part of the city has stood, steadfast and sure, over the centuries.”

Her knowledge of local culture and folklore is apparent throughout the story, and every last word is entirely believable. Yes, that goes for even the supernatural aspects. And once again, she’s written a young adult book that truly is safe for young adults. Just scary enough to enthrall but not overly gruesome or mature. And yes, this cover is just as beautiful as the last one. Can we possibly hope for a third part in this story?!?


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