Review: Make Me by Lee Child

23664710SO happy with this installment. I’ve felt that the last few have been lacking…hell, to be honest, after reading “Personal” I waited a few days after the release date to read this one….I’ve always read Reacher the day of release! Lee Child has been a long time favourite author of mine…I’ve followed Reacher from the very start…but the last few years have really left me feeling that perhaps Child was more interested in politics, Hollywood deals and easy payouts….

This one however! This is an example of what I loved about Reacher…Child wasn’t trying to invent dialogue and make Reacher more likable. Reacher acted exactly how he wanted to…said and did what he felt like doing, and didn’t much care if others didn’t really approve. They could either go along, or they could walk away….as often is the case, others followed along….I admit, Reacher is a type of person that I often wonder about in real life. I mean, he’s kinda stand-offish…his grooming habits might have a bit to be desired…he often takes the hard road, verses the easy way…and he doesn’t want to talk about, he just wants to bash someone’s head in….I should really be appalled by the man….but I’m not….I absolutely love him….

And if you want to know why….read this book….This is Reacher at his Reacher best…

**Spoiler** as for the all the reviews I am seeing now about Reacher settling down now…I wouldn’t bet on it…he’s had relationships in the past….he’s even crossed the country to meet a woman he was intrigued with….but Reacher isn’t the type to settle down…Hell, having a bank account was a sore subject with him…Does anyone REALLY believe he can stay in one place? Have a toothbrush holder? A favourite coffee mug? Pssssffffttttt….pleaseeeeeeeee…….give me a break…..

Until next time…

Urania xx

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