Review: My Kind of Wonderful (Cedar Ridge) by Jill Shalvis

Bailey and Hud have nothing in common, not even mutual friends, so it’s a little awkward when they meet and feel The Chemistry. Oh, they try to dance around it, but fate plus Hud’s nosy family members equals a giant push toward each other. 

I loved that the more of the mural Bailey paints, the more she really gets to know Hud. And it’s awesome to see a guy love a woman just to love her – not to prove something or fix something or settle for something. 
The ski setting was exciting, the family members lent comfort and familiarity, and Hud missing his brother lent some realistic sorrow to an otherwise pretty idealistic (BTW that’s how I like ’em) story. 

Best part? Hud and Bailey figuring out what they DO have in common: good hearts. 

Excellent addition to the Cedar Ridge series! 

 Sigh. I thought it couldn’t get better than Lucky Harbor… but it does. 



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