Review: Sebring by Kristen Ashley

01 a Boy, does Kristen Ashley know how to end a series. Goodness.

Fantastic. Emotional. Sweet. Sexy. Basically, it’s what you expect from a KA book. And you will never be disappointed. EVER.

Nick Sebring has a score to settle and he takes it upon himself to get close to Olivia in order to do that. But in doing so, he sees something in her that makes this more than a job. She is not living. She is surviving. Nick He decides to take it upon himself to give her a life of her choosing. A free one, if she’ll only let go and let him take care.

“And I’m the man who knew you meant a fuckuva lot to me yesterday, so you meaning more today means everything. And I’m the man who’s got two priority missions. To get you free of a life you hate and to get you to a place that you smile, frequently and easily.”

My heart was breaking for Olivia. Her life is full of secrets and lies and lots of destruction. She is a pawn in the game her sister and father are playing. She is merely a shell until she meets Nick Sebring. She wants to believe that he’s in this game for her and not any other reason. She wants the peace that he promises. She wants the safety. But living the life she does, she’s used to people playing her. So she’s wary of him at first, but then he gets her to believe that he can give her the peace she seeks.

“I breathe. I’m here. I take up space. I eat. I drive. But I have no brain. No will. No strength. No opinions. I do not matter to the point I do not exist.”

“You exist for me.”

So many secrets. So many lies. At numerous points my stomach dropped. I had faith that Kristen would work this out for me, but not without some stress. So you gotta get through it and it will be worth it.

Let me add a little more to this. My feelings about Knight just went up a little after reading this. He loved his brother, even if he caused him a ton a grief. Families forgive and move on and Knight did that and he helped Nick when he needed him.

That epilogue….aw man…again, she’s the queen of the epilogue.

“It’s your purpose this life to take care of me. And it’s my purpose to give that back.”

He tried to read her, thought he got a bead, and said, “You don’t gotta make grand gestures.”

But he’d read her wrong.

“You’re right, I don’t. You love me and I have one simple task. To make it worth it.”

That’s not gonna be hard, baby, you do that by breathing.”

Someone hand me a tissue, please.


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