Review: The Traitor in the Tunnel (The Agency #3) by YS Lee

12143472Yea..Yea…Yea….I know I don’t often give 5 stars to a book…and certainly not one so light and fluffy such as this….but damnit to hell….I so enjoyed this one! I’ve fallen completely in love with Mary and James. In this installment of the series we find Mary working at the Royal Palace as a maid. She is attempting to uncover the mystery of some stolen items. However, nothing is ever so simple with Mary. She soon finds herself involved in murder…and that’s the simplest problem she is trying to work through….

Yes, James is, of course, present in this story, however, during much of this telling, we find Mary alone. She is showing some clearer picture of the strong independent woman she will become. She is even, for some unexpected reason, cut off from her beloved Agency. We eventually find out why….and that sets up the final book beautifully…as well as the final meeting with James at the end of this novel…

I am diving right into the fourth and final book…I can ever remember one time where I read a series back to back like this…and that was Potter…no this isn’t Harry Potter…however, it’s just what my book soul needs…I can’t express just how much I’m enjoying this series. The mystery parts are not the best….they are perhaps even a bit silly…but I don’t care I love them….and I love the time period. My mind is racing to find out more about London during this time period. To find a really fantastic historical read to satisfy my cravings….and I do, so truly adore the banter between Mary and James…

Until next time…

Urania xx

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