Review: Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan

01 mid A devastatingly haunting story about two young people who were so lost inside themselves until they discovered the key to being found, each other. This book made these feelings reach deep into your soul and scare you. That is why it’s so haunting.

Holden Scott is the prince of professional football. At least he was before he lost it all . . . or more to the point, before he threw it all away. Now he’s out of a job, out of the public’s good graces, and perhaps just a little out of his mind. So when a friend offers up his remote lodge in the wilds of Colorado, giving Holden some time away to get his life back on track, he can hardly say no. The last thing he expects is to see a beautiful girl in the woods—one wearing a white, lace dress who appears in the moonlight, and leaves no footprints behind. Is she a dream? A ghost? A product of his muddled imagination? Or something entirely different?

Midnight Lily is the haunting love story of two lost souls reaching for each other in the dark. A tale of healing, acceptance, and the worlds we create to protect our own hearts. It is a story of being lost, of being found, and of being in the place between.

These two people are such beautiful characters, even in the midst of their trials. So hard to read it and not FEEL. My stomach was in knots and my heart broke over and over. Such pain. They’ve suffered so much and they cope the only way they know how. I wish I could say more, but it would totally ruin the beauty that is this book.

“We will never be perfect or without flaws, the lives we’ve been given are not like that. But, Lily, in my heart, you are perfect for me. Perfectly mine. And I’m yours.”

Without saying too much, I’ll end with this. I’m a big fan of Mia’s writing. I’ve come to expect a certain “type” of romance story, but this was nothing like that. Twisted and yet not. Wrong and yet right. Messed up and yet perfect.


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