Musing: A go-to author disappoints

 Many of us have those go-to authors … writers we follow on social media so we know exactly when their latest book will hit the shelves AND when it’ll be available for preorder. I scour NetGalley for my faves because I’m too impatient to wait for the publication date! 

What happens when you finally get one of those yummy advance copies? Or you wait up for your preorder to appear on your kindle? You eat it up, right? Maybe stay up all night, or stick a virtual bookmark in whatever you’re currently reading so you can get to THIS ONE. The one you’ve been waiting for. 

Until it disappoints. That awesome writer did something different this time. And maybe some people like it, but you don’t. You can’t stand it but you keep reading because it’s GOT to get better, right? It’s by a wonderful author, after all! Aaaaaannnnnndddd it doesn’t get better. You muddle through, and then you hope it doesn’t happen with the next book by this writer. 

I don’t want to name names, but my latest disappointment included off-kilter character development and a weird/disjointed storyline. I thought the hero was just bizarre, and I was unsympathetic toward the heroine. What a downer after all those I loved by a favorite author. 

What’s your latest disappointment? 


3 thoughts on “Musing: A go-to author disappoints

  1. Well… so far this year – there hasn’t been one! I can’t quite believe it as I type, but so far this year I haven’t stopped reading a SINGLE book out of the 22 I have picked up to date. It can’t go on, of course. There will be a clunker, shortly – there HAS to be. This time last year, I’d already abandoned 5 books in digust. But so far, brilliant!! Long may it continue:). And I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment – it always hurts that much more when a go-to author produces something you don’t like. I hope you get a run of great reads to compensate!

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