Quick early morning poll

Since it is approaching the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we thought it’d be interesting to get an idea of your favorite plays!    Tomorrow will feature a commemorative post, where you will get a chance to win a beautifully illustrated book of Shakespeare plays by E.B Nesbit!     For now though, please let us know what is your favorite play, and if it isn’t listed, leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Quick early morning poll

    • Ooh, good choices! I couldn’t put all the plays in the poll, but the comments will be interesting. Fun fact about Midsummer Night’s Dream: it was the first Shakespeare play they made us read in school at age 11!

      • While I do appreciate the artistry and power of the tragedies, I prefer the lighter mood and sheer lyrical beauty of some of the language in the comedies – and the naughty humour!

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